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Senso4s Sensors & Monitors for Gas Cylinders

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Product line Senso4s offers measurement of gas in gas cylinders. Measured data are sent via Bluetooth wireless communication technology to a Senso4s mobile app, which displays these data and provides statistics about the gas consumption.

Senso4s BASIC is not designed for use in motorhomes and campervans. Please use Senso4s PLUS instead.

To ensure the rated weighing accuracy, please do not place your Senso4s device on a soft surface such as a carpet, rug, grass, sand and soil. Please place your Senso4s device on a solid, level, stable and dry ground.

Senso4s will work with any Android device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer and running Android 5.1 or newer.

Senso4s will work with any iOS device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer and running iOS version 8.2 or newer.

You must always use 3x AAA 1.5V batteries. Do not use Li-ion batteries or rechargeable batteries to supply the product with power! Also make sure that batteries are not damaged in any way. For the longest battery life, always use new batteries of the same type and brand.

The expected battery life is 18 months. For the longest battery life, please use new batteries. Make sure that all batteries are of the same type and brand.

Each Senso4s device has its own unique MAC address. You can find the MAC address of your Senso4s device on the sticker on the battery cover. Then, look at the list of all devices shown on the Senso4s Scanner screen and find the one that matches the MAC address of your Senso4s device. Finally, click on it to connect your Senso4s device and your mobile phone.
  1. Check if batteries in your Senso4s device are inserted correctly.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on (on your mobile device).
  3. Move closer to your Senso4s device with your mobile device.
  4. Make sure that no other user is already connected to your Senso4s device.

This is done by using the Setup Wizard in the Senso4s mobile app. The wizard pop-ups automatically when your mobile device is connected to your Senso4s device. If this is not the case, click on the icon for setting up a new cylinder on the home screen of your Senso4s device. Carefully follow all the steps provided by the wizard.

You should always mount gas cylinder equipment (regulators, valves, hose lines and tubing, etc.) on a gas cylinder prior placing it on your Senso4s device.

Both values are affixed or embossed on a gas cylinder. If you cannot find them, please ask your gas distributor or salesperson for assistance.

  1. Data measured by your Senso4s device indicates that the actual gas level exceeds the total gas capacity of your gas cylinder. If this is the case, you probably entered the wrong values for»empty cylinder weight«and/or »total gas capacity«. Please double check these values and make sure to put them in the corresponding input fields. To double check the inserted values look at your gas cylinder, on which both values are affixed or embossed.
  2. You tried to set up a gas cylinder with the total weight of more than 45 kg. Unfortunately, the upper measuring range (empty cylinder weight + total gas capacity) of Senso4s device is 45 kg. Please use a different gas cylinder.
  3. You tried to set up a gas cylinder with the total weight of less than 3 kg. Unfortunately, the lower measuring range (empty cylinder weight + total gas capacity) of Senso4s is 3 Please use a different gas cylinder.
  4. Total gas capacity must not exceed 30 kg. Please double check the inserted »total gas capacity« value.

We strongly suggest not to move your gas cylinder after the setup is finished.

Gas level is measured every 15 minutes and measured data is stored on your Senso4s device. The data in the Senso4s mobile app are updated only after a successful connection of your Senso4s device and Senso4s mobile app.

No. Measurements are being carried out and stored automatically on a Senso4s device itself. The Senso4s app is intended for visualizing the measured data, displaying notifications, and setting your Senso4s device.

This icon indicates that your battery level is low. You should replace the batteries as soon as possible.

All the measurements are discarded after batteries are removed and/or replaced. To start with new measurements, follow the Setup Wizard.