A Guide to Wild Camping for Motorhomes

Going off-grid means solitude. It means being one with nature. It means freedom.

Oh, and sleeping in the middle of nowhere also probably means you’ll save money.

But is your motorhome prepared for wild camping? Do you know how to camp responsibly and what things to consider when free camping?

In this quick guide to wild camping for motorhomes, we summed up the most important things you should know before getting off the beaten path.


Guide to Wild camping for motorhomes - motorhome in the nature




Prepare your off-grid motorhome 


When you’re considering wild camping, one of the most important things is to prepare your motorhome for an off-grid adventure.

There are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind when venturing into the wild.

  • Make sure to carry enough water with you in case anything happens. Using water for cooking, cleaning, showering and drinking can quickly add up, and if you’re wild camping in nature, it’s not possible to find a store just around the corner.
  • When you’re planning a wild camping trip, empty your toilet before you hit the road (if your motorhome has one) to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the road. Or…err… keep a trowel in the motorhome “just in case.”
  • Nobody wants to run out of gas while cooking dinner in the middle of nowhere, right?

Senso4s is a simple and stylish solution that will prevent you from running out of gas ever again. Its measuring accuracy of 1% and 2-year battery life will guarantee a carefree journey, and with its long-term consumption prediction, you’ll know exactly how long you can stay off-grid.

The best thing? It doesn’t need to be removed when you hit the road! Its movement sensor interrupts the gas level measurement while driving and prevents faulty gas consumption results.


Senso4s plus image


Get familiar with the laws 

Wild camping is not allowed everywhere, especially not in Europe and the UK. And since nothing can ruin your vacation like paying a hefty fee, it’s essential to get familiar with the laws upfront and check where wild camping is not allowed.

A hint: Never spend a night next to a “camping prohibited” sign.


Ask for permission to wild camp with your motorhome 

Technically, wild camping is not illegal in many places. However, the land you’d like to camp on may belong to someone, and in this case, you’re trespassing.

If there are any houses or farms in the proximity of your wild camping spot, ask for permission to spend the night.

Most people won’t mind if you stay, and there’s a chance you’ll receive some homemade goodies for breakfast too.


No campfires in the wilderness

Making a campfire in nature, especially if it’s dry or windy, can be extremely dangerous. A responsible motorhome traveler will use a motorhome kitchen instead.

An even more responsible traveler will also check the gas level in their Senso4s app before they venture into the unknown. ✌️


Avoid dodgy places

When you’re wild camping with a motorhome, finding a secure camping spot that won’t make you hesitant or nervous will make your adventure carefree and way more enjoyable.

Avoid any dodgy places that give you feelings of unease and, if possible, find your parking spot during the daylight.


Don’t make “THE” camp

Remember, you might be wild camping, but this doesn’t mean getting too cozy, putting everything out from your motorhome and setting up a camp for a week.

Part of responsible wild camping for motorhomes is to spend only one night at the same place and to keep most of the things inside your leisure vehicle.

But yes, sitting in your chairs in front of the motorhome and admiring the starry sky is entirely ok.


Motorhome under the starry sky - a guide to wild camping for motorhomes


Park in a way that will allow you to leave 

Do not leave things outside of a motorhome in the evening, and don’t choose a camping spot that will be difficult to go from in the dark in case of an emergency.

Safety first!


Prepare for lack of signal

Going off the grid with your motorhome means there’s a chance your phone won’t be working. Getting connected with nature instead of your wireless is an amazing thing; still, it’s good to be prepared.

Phone signal enhancers can be one solution, or you could buy a satellite phone if you’re a real adventurer.

Oh, did we mention it’s good to check your Senso4s app for gas levels BEFORE your offbeat adventure?


Checking gas level with Senso4s app (a guide to wild camping for motorhomes)


Leave no trace behind

When you’re wild camping with your motor home, make sure to take care of our Earth and leave no trace behind.

Use biodegradable detergent, don’t get creative with any permanent camp structures and take care of the litter and garbage.


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