Best New Year’s Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners

New Years Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners

Another year has come and gone, and the last days are often dedicated to reflection and setting goals for the next year (unless you’re traveling, in which case you’re already realizing your first New Year’s resolution, yay!). New Year’s resolutions can be challenging and not fun at all sometimes (especially those about losing weight and […]

Give the Gift of Happiness This Year

Christmas gift of happiness Senso4s

Because that’s what our Senso4s gas level sensors do, they bring happiness. You might think we are joking, you might think it’s not true, but let us explain why Senso4s products are perfect for you. And you, and you, and you, and you.     Senso4s gas level sensors will bring joy to many people! […]

15 Practical Gifts for Motorhome Owners

Best gifts for motorhome owners

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge sometimes, but if you know that your family members or friends own a motorhome and love camping, that’s a great place to start. But what are the best gifts for motorhome owners? Motorhomes and campervans have limited space, so buying beautiful but not particularly useful gifts might […]

How to find the perfect gift… for anyone

How to find the perfect gift for anyone - a woman giving birthday gift to a partner

Just imagine – the sparkles in their eyes, the huge grin, the excitement and happiness. How would it be if you wouldn’t need to wonder ever again if someone will like the gift you bought for them? Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special moment in their lives – when you’re buying […]

How to purchase your first gas BBQ grill

A gas bbq grill with meat and vegetable

Have you ever thought about the first time humans barbequed or grilled? It was more than a million years ago when cavemen realized that food tasted way better if the open fire was involved in the process. And in that sense, humans haven’t changed much – gathering together with our family and friends, huddled around […]

10 Best Words to Describe Senso4s Gas Level Sensors

Best words gas level sensors

It’s no secret we are smitten with and proud of our gas level sensors. Today, we want to share with you our favorite words that best describe Senso4s products!     10 BEST WORDS TO DESCRIBE SENSO4S GAS LEVEL SENSORS   Simple There is no need for complications. Senso4s offers simple installation and simple use. […]