Delicious Campervan Meals for the Whole Family

If you’ve never owned or rented a campervan before, you may not know just how many delicious campervan meals you can make for your family.

More seasoned campervan travelers have learned that creativity and resourcefulness are key when it comes to campervan cooking.

Once you have your meals planned and prepped and your gas cylinder full, you and your family will be ready for your next campervan adventure – just make sure there’s enough room for your favorite beer!


Campervan meals for family


Family-Friendly Campervan Meal Ideas



Oatmeal is one of the most versatile camping foods, and it’s so inexpensive! You can buy boxes of prepackaged portions or bring along your favorite tub of steel-cut oats.

It’s easy to bring along add-ins to your oatmeal as well. For example, slice up bananas or other in-season fruits for an instant flavor boost. Pour in a bit of pancake syrup or a handful of chocolate chips to sweeten the deal.

You can even bring along a mason jar or two to make overnight oats. The possibilities are endless.



Pancakes are an instant crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to see why: they’re quick, filling, and don’t require many ingredients. This is another meal where each family member can add their own twist.

We suggest berries as a healthy mix-in, or you can sprinkle your children’s favorite toppings into the batter as you’re cooking.

These are a snap to make on an outdoor camper oven, and the Senso4s Plus can help ensure you never run out of propane during breakfast time.


Senso4s Plus for campervan meal ideas



You can do so many different things with a carton of eggs, and they keep fresh for weeks. Omelets are a go-to option because you can make them in several different ways.

Crack a few eggs into a plastic bag along with dehydrated veggies and cheese, squish the ingredients around, and drop them into boiling water (kids really get into this one!). Omelets are also simple to cook up on a camper griddle or stove. Cleanup after this meal is a breeze.


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Most kids won’t say no to a good grilled cheese sandwich, and all you need is bread and cheese! If your own tastes are more refined, add local veggies or meats to the basics for a more sophisticated taste.

This is the perfect campervan family meal for lunches because it’s quick, easy, and creates very little mess to clean up afterward. Bread and cheese are also essential multi-purpose camping foods because you can use them for many other meals as well.


Sausage and Veggies

Most grocery stores along your route will have different types of sausage and in-season produce, so why not combine them for a flavor-packed lunch or dinner? Saute in a skillet on the camper stove or make foil packets to cook over a campfire.



There’s a reason why hotdogs are a campervan meal go-to – they’re precooked, keep for long periods of time, and you can make them several different ways.

Roast over an open fire for an authentic camping meal or cook in a skillet. Slice up and combine with veggies for a quick foil packet meal. Or you can make every child’s dream come true and combine it with macaroni and cheese.




No campervan family meal plan would be complete without taco night! This is a lunch or dinner that every family member can get into. Create an assembly line and make each person in charge of one part of the taco-making process.

Every family member can customize their taco, which means smiles all-around. And what pairs better with tacos than sangria?



One-pot meals are perfect for campervan cooking, and it doesn’t get much easier than BBQ chicken, pork, or beef. Pack a few bottles of your family’s preferred sauces and a pressure cooker, and pick up fresh meat along the way. Or you can store all of the ingredients in your cooler.

Either way, BBQ is an excellent option because it creates large portions, it’s versatile, and it keeps well. Have BBQ sandwiches one night and BBQ burritos and rice the next.



Every experienced campervan traveler will tell you that pasta is an unbeatable option for every RV kitchen. It’s a cheap, kid-friendly option for the whole family. Bring along several jars of different types of sauces to add variety to your meal schedule.

Pasta is also easy to spice up with additional ingredients like ground meat, veggies, or sliced sausage. Simply combine everything in one pot and be prepared to take all of the credit.


Cooking in a campervan may take some getting used to at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it! And with the Senso 4s Plus by your side, you’ll feel confident even if you are wild camping with your motorhome.


Before long, you’ll be creating simple and yummy campervan meals for your whole family while enjoying life on the open road.

Happy traveling!

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