How to purchase your first gas BBQ grill

A gas bbq grill with meat and vegetable

Have you ever thought about the first time humans barbequed or grilled? It was more than a million years ago when cavemen realized that food tasted way better if the open fire was involved in the process. And in that sense, humans haven’t changed much – gathering together with our family and friends, huddled around […]

Planning a Summer BBQ Party

Planning a summer BBQ party

Nothing says summer like getting family and friends together for a fun backyard BBQ party. Here are ten tips on planning an awesome summer BBQ party that will surely give you the title of BBQ Rockstar.     TOP TIPS FOR PLANNING A SUMMER BBQ PARTY   Prepare food in advance  A BBQ party is […]

Super Fun Staycation Ideas with Kids

Family barbeque party - staycation ideas with kids

Do you love traveling? We absolutely do, but sometimes we are either stuck at home or choose to explore our backyard instead of venturing out into the world. Would you believe us if we tell you that staying at home doesn’t need to be boring at all? Here are 8 summer staycation ideas with kids for […]