Best New Year’s Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners

New Years Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners

Another year has come and gone, and the last days are often dedicated to reflection and setting goals for the next year (unless you’re traveling, in which case you’re already realizing your first New Year’s resolution, yay!). New Year’s resolutions can be challenging and not fun at all sometimes (especially those about losing weight and […]

15 Practical Gifts for Motorhome Owners

Best gifts for motorhome owners

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge sometimes, but if you know that your family members or friends own a motorhome and love camping, that’s a great place to start. But what are the best gifts for motorhome owners? Motorhomes and campervans have limited space, so buying beautiful but not particularly useful gifts might […]

How to Plan Your Campervan Europe Trip

How to plan campervan Europe trip - a woman with a roadmap in hand

If you’re like many people, the idea of traveling through Europe with a campervan sounds like the ultimate adventure. You can see many countries and experience many different cultures in a relatively short amount of time.  Europe’s road system is also ideal for campervan travel, and the possibilities are endless in terms of where you’d […]

Delicious Campervan Meals for the Whole Family

Campervan meals for family

If you’ve never owned or rented a campervan before, you may not know just how many delicious campervan meals you can make for your family. More seasoned campervan travelers have learned that creativity and resourcefulness are key when it comes to campervan cooking. Once you have your meals planned and prepped and your gas cylinder […]

Beautiful Offbeat Destinations In Europe

Welsh coast

Summer is here, and at the Senso4s HQ we are already planning our dream vacations. Hello, nature, adventures, relaxation and freedom! Is there anything better than heading into the unknown and exploring hidden treasures of Europe with your RV or a campervan? Here’s the list of some of the most beautiful offbeat destinations in Europe […]

Must-have RV Kitchen Accessories

Best RV kitchen accessories cover photo - a woman in RV kitchen

Whether you prefer staying at campsites or you love going off the grid and wild camping, useful and innovative RV kitchen accessories will make your life on the road easier. Since the primary concern when choosing the best kitchen supplies for RV or caravan is usually the size, it’s best to find accessories that will […]