10 Best Words to Describe Senso4s Gas Level Sensors

It’s no secret we are smitten with and proud of our gas level sensors.

Today, we want to share with you our favorite words that best describe Senso4s products!


Best words gas level sensors





There is no need for complications. Senso4s offers simple installation and simple use. We believe that quality does not need to be complex! Senso4s products can be installed and set up in a few simple steps.

After you take your shiny new Senso4s product out of the box, you’ll have it ready in no time. Simply adjust the casing and place the gas cylinder on the adjustable feet of your Senso4s product. Open your smartphone or tablet, download the free application and connect your device with Senso4s. Using the wizard for a new cylinder will help you set everything up in a few clicks, and you’re ready for a BBQ party.

It’s that easy.



Far gone are the times of complicated instructions and complex interfaces that only tech-savvy 16-years-olds can understand. Senso4s application is so user-friendly that even your grandma with a smartphone won’t run out of gas in her kitchen ever again.

Current gas level, remaining time, and gas consumption history in statistics are all accessible with just a few clicks in the app.


User friendly gas level sensors



Our products are loved by outdoor enthusiasts and grill lovers across Europe.

To support our customers who may not be familiar with English, our app menu language is also in German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Slovenian! Our team is dedicated to bringing Senso4s closer to you. 



Senso4s products are not the only gas level sensors on the market, but we believe quality and style should go hand-in-hand.

Our products have a trendy and attractive design, and they will look good both under the gas cylinder and a Christmas tree (Ladies, that’s a Christmas gift clue!). Just make sure your kids won’t think Santa brought them a Frisbee. ????


It's not frisbee, it's Senso4s Plus gas level sensor



Senso4s gas level sensors belong in that cool category called “one-size-fits-all.”

Whether you are using a large gas cylinder in your household or have a smaller one in your motorhome or caravan, Senso4s products will fit under them all.

Senso4s’s adjustable legs can be stretched to fit under aluminum and plastic gas cylinders with a filling weight of up to 16 kilos!



Our propane tank level sensors go on and on and on. With an average battery life of 18 months, you’ll be on the safe side for a long time.

Imagine how many juicy steaks you can prepare in 18 months!

And what happens when it does eventually die? Nothing scary! After the battery is dead, all the measurements are removed or replaced. Simply change the batteries and follow the Set-Up Wizard in the app once again.



At Senso4s, we’re not just guessing. We are precisely measuring and we’re good at it. Our products detect gas levels in real-time with a measuring accuracy of +/- 1 %.

But we’d like to give you a bit of friendly advice here – if your gas level is at 5% and you’re planning to turn on your grill in the afternoon, head to the store and get a new propane bottle. Don’t wait for that 1%. ????



It’s effortless to install and set up your Senso4s device, and it looks super simple.

But there is sophisticated communication technology and advanced features behind it that almost work like magic. Senso4s products are the perfect combination of simple and advanced!


magical gas level sensors



Senso4s gas level sensors are for everybody.

Senso4s Basic is for your mom or cousin who loves to cook and has an enormous gas stove in her kitchen.

You’ll never end up without your favorite dish because your grandmother would run out of gas when you visit her.

Any grilling fans will love it because this will be the end of ruined barbecue parties.

And if you crave off-the-grid travels or simply don’t have a place to store another gas cylinder in your caravan, Senso4s Plus is the perfect partner for your adventures.



Imagine having that one friend who always reminds you about something you might forget, like changing the gas cylinder before you’re going on a road trip or starting the BBQ party in your backyard.

Since the 4S is a buddy that will always have your back.


Forget about the gas! Focus on other things.

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