Best New Year’s Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners

Another year has come and gone, and the last days are often dedicated to reflection and setting goals for the next year (unless you’re traveling, in which case you’re already realizing your first New Year’s resolution, yay!).

New Year’s resolutions can be challenging and not fun at all sometimes (especially those about losing weight and eating healthier), and usually, we forget about them by the end of January.

So, the Senso4s team set a few New Year’s Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners that everyone will love and look forward to!

Instead of stressing you out, these goals will keep you motivated and excited to pursue your hobbies and enjoy life to the fullest.


New Years Resolutions for Campervan and RV owners


7 Fun Camping New Year’s Resolutions


Go On More Trips

You knew this one was coming! What could be more fun than planning to add more trips and camping adventures to your year?

While it might look like you’re too busy or don’t have enough vacation to go camping more often, you might need to look at things from a different perspective.

For example, maybe you can prolong a business trip over the weekend (if the place is not too far away) or you can travel by campervan when visiting your relatives.

Too often, we also neglect our “backyard” – exploring the country where you live is rewarding – it’s simple, less stressful and allows you to get aquatinted with your own culture. So not only you’ll appreciate your country more, but when you reflect on the past year, you’ll realize almost every weekend was full of adventures!


Forget About The Plan

While planning your campervan or RV trip is usually essential as to avoid any troubles or stress on the road, save money, and visit the places you want, there are also times to simply ditch the plans and venture into the unknown.

A saying goes that life happens when you’re making other plans, which couldn’t be more accurate for RV and campervan traveling.

Take the road less traveled, go on impulsive weekend trips where nothing is planned, and enjoy the moment! You might just make the best memories ever.


Go Off The Grid

There’s nothing wrong with spending most (or all) of the time at designated campsites. But RVs and campervans give you the freedom no other form of transportation does. After all, you’re carrying your tiny house with you, which means you can sleep anywhere (unless prohibited).

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to go on a few short (or even longer) trips off the grid, where you’ll be able to disconnect and enjoy the beauty of the nature around you.


Don’t forget to prepare your RV or campervan for off-the-grid adventures and pack everything you might need. And check your Senso4s app before the trip to make sure there’s enough gas in the propane tank – you wouldn’t want to end up without your yummy dinner or morning coffee, as it might ruin your camping experience.

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Take Care of Your Campervan or RV

While it’s possible to camp in any season of the year (campsites near ski resorts are always full during the winter!), colder months are ideal for showing some love to your campervan or RV and getting it ready for the next season.

Perform regular maintenance and think about any components that should be repaired or changed.  The off-season is also time to do any upgrades or buy items or accessories that will make your RV life even better. Create shopping and upgrade to-do lists and tick them off, one item at a time.

Small DIY projects such as sewing window covers or making a spice rack will bring even more excitement about the upcoming travel season and will encourage you to go on more trips (NY’s resolution no. 1 checked!)


Get Someone Excited About Camping

Do you have a family member or friends who are genuinely interested in RV / campervan traveling and camping but don’t have the courage to try it themselves? Or the opposite, is there someone who just can’t understand your obsession with it?

Invite them along for a shorter trip – exploring new places and stopping whenever you want, barbequing, roasting potatoes over the campfire in the evening and the sheer beauty of the starry sky might quickly change their mind.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll turn them into real RV aficionados and they’ll be ordering their own RV right after the trip.


Try Something New

Doing things the same way over and over again can give you a feeling of familiarity and coziness. But it’s outside of our comfort zone, where the fun usually happens!

New Year’s resolutions are about going beyond our comfort zone, and trying something new when it comes to camping and RV traveling couldn’t fit better into this description.

Make one of your goals for this year to mix things up and break free from the routine.

Perhaps you can start by changing your campsite (if you’re always going to the same one) and exploring less-known destinations, try wild camping for the first time, or spend your holidays in the mountains instead of the seaside.

You can also find new ideas for family-friendly campervan meals or start traveling during every season – the fun doesn’t need to stop when the summer is over.


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Make The Journey Your Goal

One of the best things when traveling with an RV or campervan is that you’re able to stop (almost) anywhere you want, for as long as you want.

Even if you’re planning a trip to the other side of Europe, don’t rush and make your final destination your only goal. Instead, make stops more often and take time to visit at least a few places along the way.

Some say that the journey itself is half of the fun. We’d argue it’s even more.


So go out there and make memories in 2022!

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