Planning a Summer BBQ Party

Nothing says summer like getting family and friends together for a fun backyard BBQ party.

Here are ten tips on planning an awesome summer BBQ party that will surely give you the title of BBQ Rockstar.


Planning a summer BBQ party




Prepare food in advance 

A BBQ party is – well, all about the party and spending quality time with your family and friends. If you want to avoid spending the whole afternoon in the kitchen, be sure to prepare the food in advance.

Choose a central food theme, like steaks, hot dogs, or something else.

Get a list of recipes and prepare food in the morning or the day before. Choose simple dishes and finger food that can be easily prepared and can wait in the fridge.


Ask others to bring side dishes

You’re hosting the party, so you’re already doing all the hard work.

Why wouldn’t you ask others to prepare and bring side dishes or desserts? This way, you’ll get some work off your plate and everyone will be engaged in preparing a great BBQ party.

Give guests a few suggestions for dishes so you don’t end up with strange combinations or five different potato salads.


Make sure you have enough propane

Sure, medium rare is fine. But completely rare steak – not so much.

Running out of gas is probably one of the worst things that can happen during your barbecue party. The best solution? Senso4s, of course.

Senso4s products sync with your smartphone or tablet, detect real-time data and create consumption forecasts.

With Senso4s devices, you can say goodbye to two types of guesswork – the one wondering if you have enough propane left, and the other one where you’re guessing whether your neighbor stores an extra gas cylinder in his garage because all the nearby shops are closed on Sunday.


Mockup Senso4s Phone App


Don’t forget to put drinks in the fridge

Imagine you’re having fun playing games. The food is almost ready, and you suddenly realize there is no beer in the fridge. 

We know, a horrifying thought, right?

Refreshing drinks are the key ingredient of a great summer BBQ party. And although guests are usually responsible for bringing wine or beer to the party – it’s probably not going to be cold.

Don’t take risks and fill up your fridge with enough beverages for adults and kids.


Get enough ice

There’s no such thing as too much ice in the middle of the summer.

Whether you’re preparing a lemonade stand or summer cocktails, you’ll need a lot of ice.

Also, if there’s not enough space in your fridge, you can avoid a summer BBQ disaster called warm beer with a bucket full of ice.


Decorate the place

When you’re planning a summer BBQ party, pick a theme or at least consider adding a few decorations that will bring up the summer spirit.

Some easy suggestions are setting the table up around a theme, use wildflower centerpieces, outdoor cushions, string lights, fun name tags for drinks, or whatever your heart desires.

Kids will surely love a sundae bar!


Planning a Summer BBQ Party - Patio and string lights


Make a list of fun lawn backyard BBQ party games

Small talk and mingling can last only for so long and then you’ll need something to entertain your guests and keep kids busy!

Put together ideas for fun lawn games or organize a tournament in volleyball, Frisbee, badminton or Twister. There are tons of options that will bring out your inner child!

Many board games can be played outside and you can set up a place in the shade where kids can play calmly or paint once they become tired.


It's not frisbee, it's Senso4s Plus (2)


Think about cooling off

When planning a summer BBQ party, don’t forget about water fun! Ask the guest to bring swimsuits and think about how to cool off during the hot summer day.

While a water polo game or floating on a giant pink flamingo with a cocktail in your hand might sound like the best possible idea, you don’t necessarily need a pool for a summer party.

Water guns or a balloon fight will work just as well!


Have a plan for the music 

Whether you are thinking about the greatest summer hits or the ambient chillout music in the background, determine who will be in charge of the tunes.

If you are the sole organizer of the party, make a playlist in advance and get Bluetooth speakers ready.


BBQ party - dancing


Be prepared

Everything is always okay – until it isn’t.

A child may fall and scrape their knee, you may get too hasty with cutting the vegetables or a cranky wasp may sting one of the guests.

Have first aid ready for such minor incidents and don’t forget about the sunscreen and bug repellent or citronella candles. Backyard campfire won’t be much fun with the mosquito army choosing your party as the invasion target.

Oh, and did we mention you should check your Senso4s app in the morning to see if your gas cylinder will last through the party?



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