Must-have RV Kitchen Accessories

Whether you prefer staying at campsites or you love going off the grid and wild camping, useful and innovative RV kitchen accessories will make your life on the road easier.

Since the primary concern when choosing the best kitchen supplies for RV or caravan is usually the size, it’s best to find accessories that will fit in small spaces.


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12 Useful Caravan & RV Kitchen Accessories


Camping stove

While caravans and motorhomes have built-in kitchen stoves, having an additional outdoor portable stove or grill allows you to be outside with everyone else.

Just imagine preparing dinner while enjoying epic views of your surroundings.


Gas level sensor

Both indoor or outdoor stoves will require you to have a propane tank.

As running out of gas while cooking or grilling just might ruin your day, make sure that your gas cylinder is full.


Senso4s Plus gas level sensor that can be connected to your smartphone or tablet is a handy RV kitchen gadget that predicts gas level consumption and lets you know in advance when it’s time to get a new propane tank!

It is explicitly designed for leisure vehicles since it doesn’t need to be removed while driving. Its movement sensor interrupts the gas level measurement while driving and prevents faulty gas consumption results.

Thanks to ATEX certification, Senso4s PLUS can also be used in the gas bottle locker of your RV or caravan!


Sneso 4s plus


Camping cookware set

Although meals on the road are usually more simple than your typical Sunday lunch menu, you’ll need some essential cookware for your RV kitchen. Camping cookware sets often contain a few pots, frying pan, plates, kitchen utensils and cutting boards.

If you’re trying to go lightweight, stainless steel pots and plastic plates are the best options.


Grilling utensils

Grill lovers unite!

Whether you adore a juicy steak or grilled veggies, we can agree that nothing says vacation as grilling with family or friends.

So, besides basic kitchen cookware, it’s always good to have a grilling utensil set. These kitchen accessories don’t take up much space and you won’t have to struggle with turning food around with a spork.


Collapsible silicone food containers and bowls

In RVs, limited space can be a challenge. Collapsible silicone food containers and bowls are a simple and innovative solution for your RV kitchen since they take up so little space.

Besides, collapsible bowls have many different purposes – they can be used as salad serving bowls, water bowls for pets, or can be used for storing fresh fruits.


A spice rack

A magnetic spice rack is a great way to have all the spices within reach while cooking while saving tons of space.

Spice containers can be mounted either on the wall or kitchen cabinets.


Spice rack RV kitchen accessories


Magnetic knife holder

Another smart way to save some space in your camper kitchen is to get a magnetic knife holder. Besides knives, this holder can also store other metal RV kitchen accessories.


Coffee maker

A stainless-steel French press or a traditional Turkish coffee pot are among must-have RV kitchen accessories for any coffee lover.

However, if you’re a true coffee snob, then a manual coffee grinder might find a way into your campervan kitchen as well!


A woman making coffee in RV


Water kettle

Who wouldn’t fancy a cup of hot tea on a chilly evening or perhaps a creamy cappuccino after lunch?

A water kettle is not an absolute must-have accessory, but this RV kitchen gadget is quite practical and doesn’t take up much space. It can be used for making coffee, tea, or easy-ready meals.

You can either opt for an electric or propane water kettle. Senso4s works with propane water kettles so that you can monitor your gas levels at any point of the trip.


Stainless steel wine glasses

Would you agree that drinking wine from a regular plastic cup just doesn’t give the same satisfaction?

Stainless steel wine glasses are an elegant solution that eliminates the possibility of having crushed glass all over the RV.


Drawer organizers

If you want to prevent rattling noises or kitchen utensils flying everywhere when you open the cabinets, consider buying drawer organizers.

These cheap RV kitchen supplies will help you avoid having a mess in the drawers and enable you to find things faster.


Biodegradable dish soap

If you’re not planning on staying in campsites, biodegradable dish soap should be on the top of your RV kitchen accessory list.

Biodegradable soaps are now widely available, so there are no excuses for not being eco-friendly.


Biodegradable soap RV kitchen accessories


These are 12 RV kitchen accessories that we can’t live without!

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite RV gadgets and supplies!




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