Super Fun Staycation Ideas with Kids

Do you love traveling? We absolutely do, but sometimes we are either stuck at home or choose to explore our backyard instead of venturing out into the world.

Would you believe us if we tell you that staying at home doesn’t need to be boring at all? Here are 8 summer staycation ideas with kids for some fun family time together!


Staycation ideas with kids - backyard tent camping




Make some fun summer crafts

What better idea to keep your kids busy than with fun crafts that your kids will not only love but will encourage them to get creative and help them improve their motor skills?

Browse Pinterest for endless ideas about summer DIY projects and crafts that can be used to either decorate your home or send them as a cute gift to the grandparents!

There’s no need to buy expensive ingredients – think paper rolls, tissues or old paper boxes (yes, Senso4s product box will work too)!


Set up a camp in the backyard

Setting up a camp in your backyard and sleeping in a tent will completely change up your kids’ routine and will get them excited about spending more time outside.

A family sleepover wouldn’t be complete without the campfire and storytelling while baking those yummy marshmallows. We can guarantee this will be the staycation your kids won’t forget!


Have the best family barbecue party

What screams staycation better than a summer family barbecue party, right?

And, admit it – not only children, but us adults get just as excited whenever we hear the word BBQ. The smokey taste of a grilled steak (or veggies, if you’re into that) and heavenly ice-cold b…(everage? ????) – it doesn’t get better than that!

Let your kids help you with the preparations and give them the most important task first thing in the morning – to check the gas level inside your Senso4s app.


Family barbeque party - staycation ideas with kids


Make summer desserts

Who doesn’t love sweets? Ask your kids about their favorite summer dessert (that isn’t ice cream) and venture into the kitchen for some baking fun. Kids will have so much fun doing something together with you!

Oh, and do check your Senso4s app in advance to make sure you won’t run out of gas while melting the chocolate.


Go on a hike

You don’t need to go far to get that vacation mode on. Just stuff the backpacks with your favorite snacks, make sure to bring plenty of water, put your hiking shoes on and have a whole day of family fun in the nature!


Have a family game tournament

Pair a staycation BBQ party with an afternoon family game tournament! Choose a couple of games for the competition, split up into teams, decide on a prize and have fun!

Here’s a couple of simple and fun game ideas: balancing an egg on a spoon, jumping in potato bags, pulling the rope or competing who can play Frisbee longer without the Frisbee falling on the floor.

Um, no, don’t use Senso4s as a Frisbee. It looks super cool, we know, but we’d prefer if you put it under the gas cylinder and use something else for the game.


It's not frisbee, it's Senso4s Plus (2)



Have a water fight

There’s no summer staycation with kids without a water fight!

There’s no need to get super fancy –  you can use a good old hose or buy water balloons at a nearby store and let the fun begin. The losing team cooks dinner!



On a cloudless night grab a blanket and drive away from the city lights. Stargazing is such a fantastic way to spark imagination and wonder in your kids!

Download an app that recognizes constellations in the sky and find those twinkling stars together.

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